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    Vezi centrul de joc al comunității Despre acest joc Rune Fencer Illyia is an intense, atmospheric action-platformer with a heavy focus on exploration and combat.

    Traverse an enormous, mysterious and dangerous world, meet strange allies and enemies, and outfight your numerous foes with fast-paced swordplay and powerful runic magic.

    A young Runist named Illyia of Moonstone wakes up in the debris of the airship she had been traveling on with her twin sister, Lilly.

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    Now, Illyia must explore the strange, ruined world that she's arrived in, locate her missing sister and find a way home. Tight, Fast Combat: Dodge deadly attacks, strike with your conjured blade, and steal Runes from your enemies to create powerful runic magic.

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    Atmospheric Exploration: Wander a beautiful, enormous, interconnected and hand-crafted game world with over fifteen distinct areas, filled with hidden areas and secrets.

    Customize your Build: Collect and equip Trinkets hidden across the kingdom that grant new abilities and stat boosts to create unique strategies and suit your own playstyle.

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    Over unique, diabolical enemies lurk in the depths of the Kingdom of Ithos. Intense boss battles that challenge your skill and knowledge.

    Craft over different useful recipes using an array of ingredients.

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    Experience a rich storyline in cutscenes and learn more about the mysterious lore in secrets and items.