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Sealex și viziune

sealex și viziune

Sealex și viziune Conținutul The f-gas revisions include further bans that impact the sale of certain refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, foams and propellants using f-gases. It also prohibits the use of sulfur hexafluoride SF6 in small magnesium foundries from 1st January The restriction and bans on the use of certain f-gases in new products and equipment mean that OEMS and equipment installers will need to use sealex și viziune gases.

This will entail equipment and process modifications.

sealex și viziune

Stationary refrigeration equipment containing f-gases with GWP or more except equipment intended for applications designed to cool products to temperatures below ° C 1. Multipack centralised refrigeration systems for commercial use with a rated capacity of 40 kW or more that contain, or whose functioning relies upon, f-gases with GWP or more, except in the primary circuit of cascade systems where f-gases with a GWP of less than may be used.

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Movable room air conditioning equipment hermetically sealed equipment which is sealex și viziune between rooms by the end user that contain HFCs with GWP of or more 1. Single split air conditioning systems containing less than 3 kg of f-gases, with GWP of or more 1.

sealex și viziune